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Video Conversion

Do you have any precious recordings of family and friends, wedding/christening videos that you can no longer listen to or watch because they are not in digital format? You can have audio tapes, rare L.P.'s and singles (non-copyrighted material only), reel to reel 7 and 3 inch/second audio tape, VHS video, 8mm & mini DV video tape etc. converted into CD, DVD, MP3 format.

Audio cassette to CD/MP3

Reel to Reel 7 and 3 inch/sec audio tape to CD/MP3

12 & 7 vinyl record (non-copyrighted only) to CD/MP3

8mm video tape to DVD/MP4/AVI etc.

Mini DV video tape to DVD/MP4/AVI etc.

VHS video tape (non-copyrighted only) to DVD/MP4/AVI etc.

Conversion Cost

Video conversion: First disc up to 2 1/2 hours c/w full DVD case and cover 15.00 - every disc after that 12.00. Without cover and case (plastic wallet) 12.00 first disc, 10.00 subsequent discs.

Audio to CD conversion: Up to 80 minutes c/w jewel case and cover 10.00 - subsequent discs 8.00.
Bulk discs by negotiation.

DVDs used are Verbatim Gold Archive discs for longevity
CDs used are Verbatim CD-R

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